Hi there-


     I truly believe in our innate ability to heal and recover from painful experiences that leave us feeling stuck in our lives, however I feel that we can get there with more ease less time when have the right person to help us to take the next right steps to achieve clarity and energy it takes to actualize our goals. I see myself as a collaborator, working with you, who is the expert on you and your whole self.  My role is to create an environment where you feel safe and inspired to share openly where together we can see what hold you back and keeping you stuck. And ultimately, I'm here to help you remember your spirit. 


     If you are a teen in crisis, an artist who has lost her way, mid-20s trying to carve your own path while facing career decisions or a mother who feels isolated, I understand because I have been all of those things too. I am passionate about showing you how to learn to hear your own voice and assert yourself in every relationship in your life.   If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, anxious,confused about where to turn to, I'm here to help.  And if you are just dying to feel that awesome part of you and free your soul, I am game! 


     My style is warm-hearted, down-to-earth and directive when it is needed. My clinical orientation includes the practice of mindfulness,  emotional regulation skills such as DBT and CBT as well as Expressive Arts therapies. 

     I’m looking forward to meeting you and being a part of your journey.








I am currently offering both video and in-person sessions.  I offer 50 minute sessions for individuals and 90 minute sessions for couples and families. 

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too was a gift.

 - Mary Oliver